Welcome to River Front Recycling

River Front is made up of many specialty divisions that consist of: Demolition, Land Clearing, On Site Crushing, Grinding, and Screening, Redi-Mix Concrete, Recycling of Concrete, Mulch Production, Leaf Collection, and Brush and Leaf Recycling Management.

About River Front Recycling & Aggregate:

Our Class B recycling facility is located in Camden, NJ. This facility accepts stumps, brush, pallets, dirt, concrete, and pavers to be recycled into useable products such as dyed mulch, screened soil, fill, and I-5 (crushed concrete).

River Front also offers on site screening, grinding and crushing and with minimal notice we can dispatch our equipment and operators directly to your job site.
River Front also leases heavy equipment on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and can provide mechanics to service the equipment as needed.
Our Barnegat, NJ facility offers screened soil, dyed mulches, and root mulch.